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With history of from the year of 2009 , Hongdali has 86+ employees in China(Among them,12 engineers are with more than 20 years related machinery industry experience). Hongdali is committed to the research and development and production of intelligent assembly line equipment and automatic equipment, providing excellent equipment for the field of automatic intelligent equipment manufacturing, and becoming a benchmark enterprise in the field of assembly line equipment and intelligent assembly line in China. Integrity, harmony, innovation and efficiency are our corporate values. Our mission is to help workers free their hands, help enterprises optimize production capacity, and help the country improve productivity.


KTC tv assembly line

KTC tv assembly line

his is our project for KTC TV assembly line in year 2020. It includes TV assembling line, TV aging line, TV testing line, dark room, noice-reduction room, tv packing line with automatic sealing machine, automatic strapping machine. Their tv size is 75 inches. We design the function for tv standing up on the pallets automatically, don’t need operators to handle, save labour cost for them. This project set in three floors, tv panel assembly line one floor, SKD tv assembly line and tv aging line one floor, tv packing line with robots one floor.

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